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Golden Gate Petroleum’s Value Added Services

With over 70 years of experience in delivering, retailing and refining fuel, Golden Gate Petroleum is confident that we have the knowledge to assist you and your business with all of your fuel and lubricant needs. With capabilities throughout the Western United States (and beyond), Golden Gate has the experience and capacity to service one or all of your locations.

Speak with one of our experienced Customer Representatives today to establish a fueling relationship where we will arrange for top-quality fuels and/or lubricants to be delivered directly to your place of business. Allow us to handle your fueling needs to help keep your business running efficiently.

Reach a LIVE Customer Service Representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 1 (800) 244-4516 or emailing [email protected].

General Services

  • 24/7 Delivery Available
  • “Keep-Full” Lubricant and Fuel Services. Never run out!
  • Fuel & Lube Storage Tanks
  • Wireless Tank Monitors
  • Tank Cleaning Services

Fuel Services

  • On-Site “Wet Hosing” Fleet Fueling Services. Let us fuel your parked fleet!
  • Large Cardlock Network
  • Pacific Pride Cardlock Network
  • Bulk Fuel On-Site Consignment Program
  • Backup Generator Support
  • Fuel Quality Testing
  • Green Fleet Conversion Programs to help businesses lower their carbon footprint by using green fuels in their fleet

On-site Reclamation of Industrial Oils

Golden Gate Petroleum provides on-site reclamation of industrial oils including turbine, hydraulic, paper machine, gear oil, electrical oils, circulating oils, quench oil and other metalworking fluids. Reclamation of old oils reduces waste and helps meet organizational BMPs (Best Management Practices).

Have us come to your place of business with our state of the art filtering equipment and rid your oil of some of the most common contaminants. These include particulates, water, oxidation by-products, bacteria, hydrocarbons, toxic gases and other lubricants. Our services will ensure your peace of mind through our proven technology.

Tank Monitoring Services

Golden Gate Petroleum offers the latest in Remote Tank Monitoring.

  • Monitor your tanks wirelessly 24/7 regardless of location, tank size, or fuel type
  • Synchronize deliveries with your actual daily usage
  • More efficient deliveries = Less paperwork for your organization
  • Detect high usage patterns early and automatically adjust your delivery schedule as usage increases
  • Review historical and projected daily usage, delivery details and tank location information
  • Start your tank level monitoring program by calling 1-800-244-4516 or emailing [email protected]